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Abstrak 2 ... Flight is an integrated system consisting of the use of airspace, aircraft, airports, air transport, air navigation, safety and security, environment, and support facilities and other public facilities. Flight safety is a situation that provides protection to the flights of unlawful act through the integrated utilization of human resources, facilities, and procedures. The airport is in the area of land and or water with certain limits are used as a place of aircraft landing and taking off, up and down passengers, loading and unloading of goods, and the intra and inter-transportation movement, which is equipped with a safety facility and aviation security, as well as principal facilities and other facilities. The lack of aviation security at an airport causes flights activity can not be operated. Surely it would be detrimental to the various parties concerned airports. And in the end will be bad for the economy as a whole. Examination of aviation security is one of the procedures in order to realize the security and safety of flights. Implementation of Security Check Point in accordance with the regulations correctly and consistently will better ensure flights security. Luggage examination system manually with a random 10% (ten percent) is a command aviation security regulations, the Director General of Civil Aviation Regulation Number: SKEP/2765/XII/2010 about Passenger Safety Inspection Procedures, Personnel Aircraft And The Transported With Baggage aircraft And The Individual. Random counters system will help ensure the implementation of random manual inspection of 10% (ten percent) of the luggage. So that flight security checks, according to the standard regulations that apply.


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